Animal outreach visits

Animal Outreach Visits

We provide pet visits to:

Home Visits

We provide pet visits to your own home, so if you miss having a pet, are isolated or lonely then a visit from Dottie or Coco (our therapy dogs) can brighten up your day.

Nursing Homes

We can provide a Therapy Dog visit to your Residential Home or Nursing Home to visit individuals or groups. Visits can be for 30 minutes, 1 hour or one and a half hours to add some joy to the residents day.  We also have a robot Therapy Cat for  any residents who may have allergies or be quite frail.


We can provide ‘Experiential Animal Visits by our Therapy Cats or Therapy Dogs, available to individual children or small groups of children.  During the visit the children have the chance to handle and play with the dogs or cat and can brush them.  We also chat about how we care for them and about how to treat them.

We also provide  the opportunity for a child to read to a dog. So if interested in finding out more then please ask for details on  ‘Read along with Dottie’ or ‘Coco’ sessions.