What happens when you book

I will take some brief information over the telephone or respond to you if you have emailed. I will then make you an appointment for your first introductory assessment session. At this appointment more information is taken regarding your issues and the counselling contract discussed, money paid and contract signed. You will then receive a copy of the contract which is receipted for the money you have paid.

The next Counselling session is then booked and then following sessions are booked each week. Sessions are 1 hour in duration and usually on a weekly basis, and run for as many weeks as needed, reviewed on the 8th session. If you prefer to pay for a block of counselling sessions, then this can be arranged in advance of the therapy starting at the initial introductory session.


What you need to bring

Please bring the assessment fee and the advance Counselling fee (see below) to the assessment session, The Counselling fee is then due each week, thereafter.  (This advanced payment will be retained if you fail to give the required notice, or fail to attend any sessions including the ending session)

Private Practice Fees


Individuals – £40.00

Families – £55.00

Couples – £55.00

Groups – £25.00 each

Counselling Prices

Available for 1 hour, or an hour and a half in duration                                                    

Individuals   1 hour – £40.00 per hour                    1  1/2 hours           £60.00

Families        1 hour – £55.00 per hour                   1  1/2 hours           £80.00    

Couples        1 hour– £55.00 per hour                   1  1/2 hours           £80.00

Groups         1 hour – £25 per person                    1   1/2 hours         £35.00 per person

A payment example – an individual would pay £40 assessment fee plus £40 advanced Counselling fee, so a total of £80, then £40 per week


Rewind Therapy

£300.00 for up to 4 sessions

Discount scheme – available to Royal Forces employees and veterans, Blue Light Services and NHS staff.

Also for refer a friend.




Supervision prices (available from December 2019)

Individuals (please ask for details)


Corporate and EAP Prices

Individuals – £50.00 per hour

Letters – £50

Reports – £100


Benefits and discounts for NHS staff